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Full text of "[Letter to] My dear Fanny [manuscript]"

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C,c/C/a.^ 'XiJffj^ oLfxA^::^ '^Jt^ 6c:^c^tA^y^ ^iKn.'>x.^<^n.t-vw<yi^ry /yxr^^-yy-> 
Xy^ ^iC> M/'C'^ cx-j^tiL^ r^An^ A.-r^vC- <rCt*.,'r-ryy^ ZZvf^ -xjutA^^'-r^^ t^ 

' w^ A^y^yir o.-^^ — a- -CcJiX^ ^v-u/^nx ^C^jf'n^*^ ^•t-w^c-*^ ^A^fjt^r-i^jLy^ 


Cf^ e/o^-w-*- .£.-^<2-«'~-<-X^ , <^^ ffs-^XJi^ <Ao^r -oJ#C XA-w^ <x-*.^^ v^n, 


y cXo^tLJ^ tyx/x^ 4.J/V /f^w^ 'P*^"^ n-^-^-Zi^ s a^rJ^ nM^.J^.f iit- 

,^ A-^ 7-<,.-^il:7~ X«^/^t,--«-^^ *C^«Xx-x*:/ ^rC*^-'^" 

if^ Aa^ <^^w^v-»-/ 

«^ 4^/i^iju->^ y^A^ f<y /h^^^^C-^ ^ctX^y — <i--vC- Mi^^ -A->»-^ 

£tjtC:Z, -^^C.^ ^^Ji-w^ cv/^tfc^ nJU^S^^ -fit.^ Z^fKu^rr^ pir^ 

I \y <V-Vv^ /T-^^-w^o/. <l.A>^<-«-i/.^^_^ ..^^ ^c^.^ Ctti^ fJr/KTAj 

S^V,#-u^ /!**-<'<. /?>>-«^-«^ ^o' ^lr^,^%^ fiHTV^rC. cJ^«rCjcji~^ J (^ yy*r<^^^ Cjt^^y — 
i^xJ^ t^ ^ -Cvv^ «^ /^cA. . c^ A^t^ <^7fe> C^«*/i(_ .^^.^^ 

V^Y' *«''<- ^C*^^^^ *v- p^ryrt\. X«-v«X_- </7/ff^ ^*^''^/ ( •«-v>/J^-«-^-«^ ««^ 1/^«Xi^ 
/^VT^^i^X- y<.«^X•tt^ ) (t^^^^C^ t^-'^^j^ A^m/C^ jC^«--.^*-<^ w!^ tV